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Mission & Startergy Statement of our Organization :

Set with a mission for enhancing activities in both rural and urban areas for the interest of the needy poor people and also empower them to implement different kinds of socio economic scheme, welfare scheme and execute the sources for interest and welfare of the needy and poor people. AGUS was formed and registered under the societies registration act and has been undertaking various activities in the field of social and health in district of Sivasagar and neighboring areas like, AIDS, Hepatitis-B, TB, Tree plantation etc. AGUS moves with a definite objective of fulfilling the economical, cultural, social and moral development of local youths and society of people. AGUS has plan to work for the development of various marginalized groups of societies like SHG members, backward castes, Women and Child, unemployed youth etc. The vision of the organization is to become Centre of Excellence and knowledge in the field of socio economic development.


Bank Details:

Sl. No. Name of Bank           A/C No.
1 State Bank Of India, Sivasagar Branch 30247507914
2 Indian Oversease Bank, Sivasagar Branch 1954
3 Assam Gramin Vikas Bank, Mechagarh Branch 8206